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Data quality helps improve school performance

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US schools have been told that maintaining a high level of data quality is key to providing a good education, the Anniston Star reports.

The comments come after it was revealed that the Alabama Commission on Higher Education's (ACHE) state-wide student record database is among the best in the US.

According to the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, a high level of data quality is imperative for the success of students and helps to set up a "strong collaboration" between education, business and industry.

"In order to expand and recruit, economic developers must be able to rely on accurate educational data," the article noted.

"The availability of this student data identifies high school graduation and college readiness, which in turn equates to an educated workforce."

Meanwhile, according to the results of a recent report commissioned by IDC, training staff about the topic of data quality is likely to lead to improvements in performance.

The report noted that organizations that gave their workers 24 hours of formal training on data quality were ahead of their competitors.

Posted by Paul Newman