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Data quality highlighted as key way to save money

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Maintaining a high standard of data quality has been listed as one of the top 50 ways to help a business save money and remain successful during the economic downturn.

According to global trade website, business leaders should make extra efforts to maintain a high standard of address data during the recession to ensure they are getting the most out of direct mail campaigns and are not wasting money sending information to the wrong addresses.

Of the website's top 50 tips for businesses to save money during the recession, number 27 states: "Clean up your mailing list."

Furthermore, number 28 in the list emphasises the importance of maintaining a high standard of address data quality, saying: "Prune that mailing list even more."

Meanwhile, Computer World has recently suggested that businesses need to look more closely at the wide range of marketing options at their fingertips today.

It suggested businesses should consider all the options available to them, including direct mail.