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Data quality impacts business decisions

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Poor data quality standards will have a negative impact on an organization’s business decisions, it has been suggested.

Smart Data Collective blogger Bret Stupakevich noted that any data analytics and business intelligence based upon bad data will yield “misleading or incorrect” results.

The industry commentator explained that around eight out of ten companies believe that bad data is hindering their lead generation campaigns.

He said that rather than simply cleaning and clarifying information stored on systems, a large number of companies pile data into storage with a “we’ll sort it all out later” approach.

Mr Stupakevich added that this is particularly true within sales and marketing companies.

“But real-time data changes things: the sheer volume of information and how quickly it makes previous knowledge and data obsolete requires changing habits,” he wrote.

Elsewhere, a recent article by Information Week suggested that organizations looking to improve their data quality must view the issue as a company-wide problem. The news provider added that businesses should first determine which department is responsible for it.

Posted by Paul Newman