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Data quality important for companies adopting MDM solutions

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality should be a primary focus for organizations looking to consolidate their information systems.

Writing for the b-eye-network, David Loshin has highlighted the importance of data quality to the implementation of master data management (MDM) solutions within businesses.

He highlighted the fact that the systems needed to be combined with the quality measures in order to be effective.

"In order to benefit from MDM, there must be a solid foundation of data quality control, semantics for data sharing and data governance," Mr Loshin noted.

"Basically, it is important to consider these critical MDM and data governance concepts prior to purchasing any tools."

The expert explained that without these concepts the management systems would not be a successful tool.

In addition, a report by Computer World recently addressed the data quality problems that businesses can face when merging their CRM systems.

It recommended organizations retain two separate systems to avoid any clashing or loss of data, dumping one of the databases, or implementing a brand new system to reduce the chance of errors.

Posted by Richard Jones