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Data quality important for CRM data collection

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Customer-facing marketing campaigns are reliant on the high quality of consumer data, it has been claimed.

However, according to DM News, keeping data quality at a high level is easier said than done – especially when the information is collected from a range of sources, including social media sites.

Indeed, in today’s marketing world data can be collected in a number of ways.

Information provided deliberately from the customer or data gathered specifically from the observation of a customer’s actions.

And once data has been collected, companies must determine which results are most relevant to their CRM programs.

“It is common for the marketing cycle to extend over a period of time, creating a gap between the initial investment and the financial return,” Michael Duke, senior vice-president of marketing intelligence at RTC, said.

Furthermore, customer contact data is often out of date within a year and requires constant updates. As such, the future of CRM data collection will grow increasingly challenging, the expert told the news provider.

“More complex data structures will require more sophisticated infrastructure and analyses,” Mr Duke said, adding that low quality data can be the number one reason behind a failed marketing effort.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler