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Data quality important for MDM adoption

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality forms a critical part of any master data management (MDM) implementation, it has been claimed.

However, a large proportion of the market still holds a number of misconceptions surrounding the data management software, Predictive Communications has claimed.

As MDM services and technologies begin to rise to the top of many IT departments' agendas, the firm has warned businesses about the importance of ensuring the accuracy and uniformity of their data.

"Data quality, data integrity and data profiling are not subsumed within either an operational data store of an enterprise resource planning implementation, but they form critical components of MDM, either as a foundation, or an outflow of MDM," Predictive Communications has said.

"And anyone who thinks a data store, or enterprise-wide data warehouse removes the need for MDM, hasn't understood what MDM is about."

The comments follow research conducted by Informatica which found that 83 per cent of IT professionals lack confidence in the accuracy and relevance of the information stored on their databases.

Posted by Paul Newman