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Data quality important in health

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Electronic health records could represent the future of medicine. A complete transfer of a patient's entire medical history could hold inestimable value for physicians hoping to perform quick and appropriate procedures. According to a recent Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality report, however, there are several important ingredients needed for EHRs to succeed, data quality tools among them.

The source stated that there are several advancements that must be firmly in place for health data projects to achieve their potential. One of those requirements is a program to assess and police data quality. The source stated that data formatting must be changed to suit a digital environment.

The AHRQ document stated that using incorrect information in a patient EHR is a poor practice and could lead to a loss of reputation in the eyes of patients. The source recommended providers harness employees specifically on the lookout for inconsistencies.

The amount of data on patients could soon increase, improving care for those suffering from chronic conditions. Government Health IT contributor Roger Foster stated that using new technology involving large amounts of patient data could change the way hospitals prevent the need for intensive care for patients with recurring ailments, catching their symptoms in the early stages.