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Data quality improved by MDM

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to improve their data quality may want to consider implementing a master data management (MDM) initiative.

This is the suggestion of an article by Computerworld, which highlights the effectiveness of such projects at helping organizations minimize data errors.

However, the news provider also draws attention to the complexities of utilizing the solution.

It pointed out that master data management work should not begin until a company has clearly defined its aims for what it wants the project to achieve.

The entirety of an organisation should also be behind the initiative, including its top-level executives.

Speaking to the news source, Bill Swanton, an analyst for Gartner, explained that there needed to be a culture of discipline installed in a company before they take up the service.

"MDM is a discipline and a process for keeping data accurate and consistent enough so that your applications perform the way you need them to in order to run the business," he added.

Posted by Richard Jones