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Data quality improved through transactional marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers should use transaction data to ensure that they efficiently and effectively target potential customers, it has been suggested.

According to an article by DMNews, traditional data quality lists can be inefficient, expensive and generate low exposure to potential customers, but by using transaction data, marketers can focus down their efforts more successfully.

By collecting data such as where the customer has shopped, their zip code, shops they purchase from frequency and how much they spend, businesses can focus marketing campaigns onto select groups.

"Retailers are turning toward a new, more efficient method - transactional marketing - which guarantees customer targeting, exposure and positive ROI," the article notes.

"New customer acquisition and loyalty are incredibly simplified through this new, highly-targeted approach."

However, the report does warn that transactional data is difficult for marketers to get hold of.

The news comes in the wake of a white paper which encouraged marketers to "spread their wings" when it came to direct marketing in the coming year.