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Data quality improvements can 'better business performance'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Improving data quality is one step that businesses can take to dramatically better their performance.

According to ZDNet blogger Joe McKendrick, this was one principal finding from a recent study by Sybase, which explained some of the benefits that high levels of data quality can have for an organization.

It noted that better data quality can lead to better and more timely decision making, fewer errors and lower "working capital requirements".

Furthermore, companies will also benefit from increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, the study suggested.

Last month, a study by The Information Difference implied that the implementation of data governance schemes by US organizations will lead to better data quality.

Data governance has emerged as a key factor for effective master data management (MDM) and data quality programs.

David Waddington, senior vice president and co-founder of the organization, confirmed: "MDM and data quality have a greater chance of success when a data governance program is in place."

Posted by Rachel Wheeler