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Data quality improvements 'taking on new importance'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Continual advancements to the IT landscape mean that data quality is taking on a new importance for a number of US enterprises.

This is according to Dave Watson, chief operating officer at iWay Software, who noted that good data quality is a "critical factor" in businesses expansion.

Indeed, for organizations that rely on getting customers accurate, reliable and timely information, improving the quality of data should be viewed as a priority.

"As the IT infrastructure continues to change, businesses rely on being able to instantly access their data, while keeping integration risks and costs low," Mr Watson explained.

It follows comments from Arvind Krishna, general manager of IBM's information management software division, who claimed that making data quality improvements could be the difference between success and failure when it comes to business.

The expert explained that problems related to data can lead to a loss of business revenue as well as a decline in overall market share.

Posted by Paul Newman