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Data quality in demand in government

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Making sure data quality is high is critical in organizations of all kinds. According to FierceGovernmentIT, the U.S. House of Representatives is one of the latest bodies to consider ways to keep information strong. The source explained that congressional staffers need to make important recommendations, a process that calls for reliable information.

"[Reports are] not connected together in a coherent kind of way," said transparency expert Daniel Schuman, according to the source. "But if you're researching a particular issue, say healthcare, you want all of the things related to this particular bill or this particular topic."

The news provider reported that Schuman supports making information public and allowing data to be gathered through bulk downloads. With the legislative future of the country resting on the decisions made in Congress, it serves, along with industries such as health, as instructive of the benefits of data management.

Federal and health data quality measures often cross over. According to an official GAO report, some health reporting practices could confuse efforts to determine the cause of infections and other problems. Providers have ceased collecting data in cases that demand constant study, leaving dangerous gaps in records and weakening reporting procedures.