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Data quality is a company-wide issue

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been advised that the job of ensuring data quality is the task of everyone in a company.

Speaking to Search Data Management, Danette McGilvray, president of Granite Falls Consulting, claimed that organizations needed to train workers on how individual data quality choices could affect others.

She noted that often one of the primary problems relating to data issues was a lack of training among customer service staff.

However, the information expert said that before educating staff, companies needed to follow data through its lifespan.

"If you trace your data and information as it's going through the information lifecycle, you will see that there are different people who are obtaining it, applying it, storing it and sharing it," Ms McGilvray told the news provider.

"Once you understand that, then you can start to look at what their particular job is and how they're impacting the data."

An earlier article by the site highlighted the need for businesses to invest time and money into data quality initiatives to improve services.

Posted by Richard Jones