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Data quality is a ‘habit’

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations implementing data quality projects should be able to adapt them to the continuous changing business environment, it has been suggested.

Industry expert Jim Harris has claimed that as a company strives to evolve and grow, so must its data quality practice.

Writing on his OCDQ blog, Mr Harris explained that data quality should be viewed as a “best practice”, rather than a one-off act and as such needs to change and adapt alongside a business.

“Sometimes we can become so focused on developing new good habits that we forget about our current good habits. Other times we can become so focused on eliminating all of our bad habits that we lose ourselves in the quest for perfection,” he said.

“Although data quality is a practice, it’s one we get better at as long as we continue practicing. Quite often I have observed the bad habit of establishing, but never revisiting, best practices.”

Posted by Richard Jones