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Data quality is important for direct mailers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US marketers who use direct mail as a means of communication with their customers must ensure that their data is correct and organized, it has been claimed.

Mailing Systems Technology has suggested that it makes good business sense for companies to invest in technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

According to the article, the correct tools can help to save money from marketing, printing and postage budgets, as well as improving data quality.

"Clean data is a fundamental prerequisite for economical and efficient implementation of any business-to-customer strategy," it notes.

"CASS-Certified address standardization is only the beginning of the process."

The news provider went on to suggest that marketing professionals could take advantage of declining postal volumes, with fewer mailpieces competing for a consumer's attention.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Experian QAS would be teaming up with utilities company Con Edison to help improve the quality of its address data.

Using both QAS Pro and QAS Batch it aims to minimize returned mail by ensuring the accuracy of mailing addresses at the point of entry to a system.

Posted by Richard Jones