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Data quality is important within CMMS

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses have been advised to ensure their computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is good enough to trust.

Writing for Plant Services, David Berger explained that poor data quality is often to blame within organizations which experience problems with the CMMS software.

MR Berger added that within many businesses management is surprisingly "reliant" on CMMS to provide information relating to budget, asset availability and performance or energy consumption.

As such he highlights the need to ensure that data quality is of the highest standard.

"Despite our thirst for information, there's sometimes little thought as to where the data is coming from and whether it reflects reality," Mr Berger said.

"It's our inexplicable blind faith in technology that is our weakness - as if anything the CMMS outputs to screen or paper must be accurate because a computer processed it."

Industry expert Jim Harris recently used his OCDQ blog to urge businesses to acknowledge that they are faced with data quality problems before trying to solve them.

Posted by Paul Newman