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Data quality is 'integral to the healthcare sector'

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Patient care can be improved if US health organizations focus their efforts upon enhancing the quality of their data.

According to an article on the Information Management website, data quality and integration are "critically important" to the sector and need to be addressed if services are to be improved.

However, the report concedes that, while the importance of data management is acknowledged, the main goal of the industry is patient care and spending needs to reflect this.

But it argues that information management can also be crucial in achieving this goal, with an effective system removing confusion and offering sector workers better analysis and understanding of databases.

"The primary reason to improve data is to provide better patient care. Until that is more clearly communicated to the healthcare industry, it will be very difficult to get the required emphasis on data quality and data management," it notes.

Healthcare providers can utilize address verification software to ensure that patient details are entered into systems correctly and minimize the risk of errors.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler