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Data quality is needed to improve the use of third-party data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The use of third-party data by businesses to help them communicate with customers is leading to an increase in the likelihood of data quality-related problems, it has been suggested.

Speaking to the marketing advice website, Omar Tawakol, chief executive of third-party data provider BlueKai, said that it was important that organizations worked with providers which had strict quality guidelines.

Furthermore, the expert recommended that businesses continually checked and assessed data to ensure that it was correct and accurate.

"As awareness of data quality increases, a standard will develop around where to obtain the highest quality data for audience-based targeting," he told the news provider.

Earlier this year, data expert Dick Weisinger wrote on his Formtek blog that businesses suffering from data quality issues must work hard to eradicate problems as soon as possible.

He warned that leaving "dirty data" on a system can adversely affect the way in which an organization is viewed by its customers.

Posted by Paul Newman