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Data quality is needed to manage customer information

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality becomes increasingly important when businesses are trying to manage multiple channels of customer information, it has been suggested.

Speaking to DMNews, Sal Pecoraro, vice president of database marketing solutions at Infogroup, believes that communications campaigns are more successful if a large amount of data is held about customers.

However, the marketing expert did concede that it can be difficult to utilize and manage information, such as address data, from various different online and offline sources.

"Once you have this whole picture, analyzing current customer characteristics against prospective customers, it creates better, more targeted online and offline campaigns," Mr Pecoraro told the news provider.

"Ultimately, success lies in measurement and continuous targeting and offer refinement."

Research conducted by Rosslyn Analytics has found that a large number of industry professionals lack faith in their current data.

Almost a third of individuals questioned said they had a low level of confidence surrounding whether their organization's spend data is complete and accurate for decision making purposes.

Posted by Paul Newman