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Data quality issues are harmful to businesses

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses suffering from data quality issues must work hard to eradicate problems as soon as possible, an expert has warned.

Writing on the Formtek blog, Dick Weisinger highlighted the fact that poor data quality is a phenomenon that can affect all businesses and any category of software.

The expert claimed that leaving "dirty data" on a system can have a number of downsides, with brand image, profits and important business decisions all likely to be harmed.

"Data can go stale or change, be out of date, redundant, incomplete, be incorrectly formatted, or have a variety of other types of problems," Mr Weisinger noted.

In addition, he explained that one of the areas that needed to be afforded special attention was data entry, as the task is "the point where most dirty data problems originate".

A recent study by Forbes Insight claimed that large organizations were at risk of losing $5 million every year because of poor data quality measures.

It recommended that businesses took immediate action if they wanted to retain data as a strategic asset.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler