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Data quality issues can sink a holiday email marketing campaign

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The holiday shopping season is the bread and butter of sales for retailers, and this year there is even more at stake, according to the National Retail Federation's 2012 spending survey. Businesses that have been starving for revenue since the start of the recession now have the chance to grab their share of a total $586.1 billion that consumers are expected to spend this year. In order to capitalize on purchasing opportunities as the holiday season approaches, companies can launch email marketing campaigns to engage customers and encourage early shopping, according to Practical Ecommerce.

Marketing teams that compile gift guides in advance can send out messages containing product information and offers before Thanksgiving, the source suggests. As the season progresses, companies with segmented lists can target customers with specific offers to maximize the return on their investments. Sending clients personalized messages can also keep them from feeling like they're being swamped with anonymous offers, which can cause recipients to ignore future emails. 

When segmenting lists, marketing teams may also want to take the opportunity to check for data quality. The simplest mistakes stemming from mismatched or inaccurate customer information can have very negative consequences, according to Business 2 Community. Using the correct terminology in email outreach is especially important when marketers are targeting specific industries, professionals or positions. Addressing these individuals incorrectly can mean companies lose out on valuable business deals and simultaneously tarnish their reputations.