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Data quality issues hindering BI projects in the healthcare sector

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality issues are one of the main challenges facing IT practitioners who are looking to improve their business intelligence (BI) projects.

IT Business Edge has reported that the problems are faced by a large number of different organizations across a range of industries.

Speaking to the news provider Tom Callahan, of Datawatch, claimed that, in particular, more BI solutions need to be taken up by companies working in the healthcare sector.

However, the expert added that there are a number of factors which are preventing this from happening at the moment, including issues surrounding data quality.

"[It is] a common problem across industries, with organisations possessing wide ranges of data quality and data storage," he explained.

In addition, problems surrounding a lack of funding, conflicting priorities and the small number of BI professionals with an understanding of how the healthcare industry works also combine to prevent rapid uptake.

Posted by Richard Jones