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Data quality issues more 'prevalent that ever'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality issues are now the main source of problems encountered in business intelligence (BI) deployments.

Major new research into BI has found that data quality has now overtaken poor query performance as the most reported problem.

In total, 18 per cent of respondents voted data-related issues as their primary concern, compared to just 16 per cent for query performance.

"Query performance has been the most commonly cited problem in The BI Survey for the last three years," Melanie Mack, BARC's head of research, said.

"But while vendors have routinely blamed poor data quality for implementations that faltered in the past, for the first time we are seeing end-users agree on this key issue."

In addition, the study found that more organizations are now implementing open source BI solutions.

The findings have been published in The BI Survey 9, which is the most in-depth vendor-independent report available on the state of the BI market.

Posted by Richard Jones