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Data quality issues need to be addresses for successful BI

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations looking to improve their business intelligence (BI) projects should ensure that they are able to investigate and fix any problems relating to data quality as fast as possible.

According to an article by Smart Data Collective, any issues concerning the accuracy of information on systems can make it difficult to integrate data fully.

“Data quality issues make it difficult to integrate data into the analytical environment and can make user reports worthless. Start with data profiling to identify high risk areas in the early stages of the project,” the article confirmed.

Indeed, as BI projects often refer to the skills, processes, technologies and applications used by companies to support their decision making, poor data quality can have an overriding negative effect on the way in which businesses are run.

An earlier article by IT Business Edge recently claimed that one of the main challenges facing organizations across a range of industries was data quality.

Posted by Paul Newman