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Data quality issues sometimes overlooked

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Tech industry insider Jim Harris recently warned IT Business Edge of a danger in the new age of data proliferation. He observed that the new status quo of data as an integral component of numerous fields has not made companies aware of the need for data quality. He lamented that it is difficult to make companies interested in data quality until they endure a bad experience.

"The problem that happens is we cross the threshold from no one noticed it to everyone notices it, but when everyone notices it, nobody notices it, because it just blends into the background," Harris told the source.

Harris also mentioned that when companies neglect to use data quality tools and make a poor decision, it can be hard to properly explain where the project failed. He stated that transparency and accountability become low when companies are faced with poor results.

The age of big data is a cause for some of the data quality issues that plague businesses. According to a recent New York Times report, companies are taking their information from divergent sources, leading to quality questions. This pattern is matched with a general reluctance to release information, preventing companies from launching the exciting new analytics projects possible with big data.