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Data quality issues still remain for US organizations

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Many organizations are still struggling with data quality problems, despite having efficient data management strategies in place to counter this.

This is according to Thomas Schutz, general manager at Experian QAS, who believes that while a large number of firms are now focusing on master data management processes, these can take a long time to roll out and require extensive resources.

His comments follow a recent study by the firm which said that 60 per cent of respondents believe their databases to contain inaccurate or missing contact data.

As such, the expert noted that firms should look to adopt measures to identify and prevent common errors that lead to data quality issues.

"By starting to correct a few key problems, organizations could drastically decrease errors with a relatively small investment," Mr Schutz explained.

He added that the most common data quality problems arose from missing or incomplete information, with the errors often caused as a result of staff or user mistakes.

Posted by Richard Jones