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Data quality keeps low profile

Paul Newman Archive
Though data quality is not a popular or well-hyped tech area, it is one with enormous potential impact on companies' strategies. According to CIO contributor Andy Hayler, firms with information quality problems may have significant issues, meaning leaders should commit to technology solutions, despite their reduced media presence.

Hayler offered the image of the tech world as a dance, where the flashy and exciting tech areas like big data and mobility have plenty of waltzing partners, while quality management sits to one side. Hayler noted that one of his firm's enterprise studies found one-third of companies had no quality management processes at all, a serious deficiency.

According to Hayler, many companies ended up spending huge amounts of money to deal with data quality issues, spending that could be reduced with a commitment to preventative action instead of reactive moves.

While big data may be one of the areas drawing attention away from information quality, the two actually share a strong connection. Specifically, according to InformationWeek, many firms mistakenly believe that the quality of their archives is high. Many of these same companies, however, do not subject their information to checking by a dedicated department, possibly leading to trouble.