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Data quality key to new health information system

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new health information system has been devised that will require a considerable focus on data quality to ensure it works effectively.

Initiate Systems has announced the launch of its Initiate Provider Management solution, which is designed to provide a patient relationship program for healthcare organizations.

The company explains that healthcare organizations will be able to create a provider registry, ensuring all systems using provider data operate from the same information.

Data cleansing will need to be an important part of the technology because maintaining a high standard of data quality is crucial to ensuring the initiative is successful and patient information can be shared properly.

Many businesses implementing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions also need to be aware of data quality issues, so that their solutions can be successful.

A high standard of data quality in a CRM solution can ensure businesses retain good contact with their clients and customers, helping to retain loyalty among consumers.

Loyalty is an increasingly important consideration during the current recession, when people are spending less money.