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Data quality 'key' to supply chain efficiency

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Improving data quality is key to improving supply chain outsourcing, according to a leading technology research firm.

Gartner has highlighted maintaining a regular flow of data, information and ideas as important best practice issues, to ensure an efficient service.

Changes to supplier, promotion plans and inventory levels are all factors that will have a bearing on supply chain decisions.

Gartner also points out that ideas for improving overall supply chain performance need to be discussed regularly, by both operational and management personnel.

The company's research director, Michael Dominy, explained that more comprehensive analysis is being applied to outsourcing decisions, "factoring in agility, responsiveness and cost".

"Companies must focus on what they can do best and appropriately outsource activities that value chain partners can do better," he noted. "This often means using one or more logistics, manufacturing or business process outsourcing partners, instead of performing these supply chain activities themselves."

The best practice guidelines have been published ahead of Gartner's IT Financial, Procurement and Asset Management Summit in Europe, which will consider how businesses can better manage their IT costs.

Posted by Paul Newton