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Data quality levels ‘can be altered’

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality issues are faced by a number of organizations because they are utilizing their information for a number of different uses and purposes.

According to his OCDQ blog, Jim Harris has claimed that levels of data quality can be altered depending on what information is used for.

Indeed, the industry expert explained that data which has been mixed to achieve a number of different goals should be considered questionable in terms of its accuracy.

"Most data has multiple business uses and data of sufficient quality for one use may not be for other, perhaps unintended, business uses," he said.

The comments come just after Rosslyn Analytics claimed that inadequate data quality was leading businesses to make uniformed business decisions.

Lance Mercereau, director of marketing and public relations at Rosslyn Analytics, said that if data is inaccurate, businesses are making their marketing decisions “based on assumptions” rather than fact.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler