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Data quality 'linked to successful integration'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality is connected to successful integration, it has been observed.

However, integration focuses too often on the technical aspects of connecting two data sets.

It also tends to center too much on the more strategic value of ensuring businesses match and integrate the context of that data.

Jim Harris, an independent consultant and data quality blogger, observed that data quality tends to fall between the cracks of the integration project and the actual use of the data.

"When you bring all of that data together though, that's when you start to find that the same customer is actually living in multiple databases, possibly represented in different ways," he told

"Then when you … start making business decisions based on the integrated data, that's when you'll potentially start sending me credit card offers for a credit card that I already have or asking me to go up for telephone service when I've been a customer of yours for three years."

Posted by Richard Jones