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'Data quality love' needed this Valentine's Day

Rachel Wheeler Archive
With Valentine's Day having just come and gone, one data quality expert has said that businesses should take the opportunity to pay more attention to their data.

The expert said that things that data quality practitioners need to consider are when to undertake projects, as often "the majority of data quality initiatives are reactive projects launched in the aftermath of an event when poor data quality negatively impacted decision-critical information."

Phil Simon, of the OCDQ data quality blog, added: "Many of these projects end in failure. Some fail because of lofty expectations or unmanaged scope creep. Most fail because they are based on the flawed perspective that data quality problems can be permanently 'fixed' by a one-time project as opposed to needing a sustained program."

Remembering the need to reiterate these truths will mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful data quality venture, Mr Simon added, saying that "maybe you're just not that into your data?".