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Data quality management checks 'are a useful tool'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses need to carry out effective data quality management checks in order to minimize future errors, it has been suggested.

Writing for Data Flux, Dylan Jones explains that the assessments are a necessary means of addressing defective information which can be stored on companies' systems.

One of the common issues that is unearthed by the checks is overloading, Mr Jones claims.

This occurs when there is an increasing gap between an organization's data model and their business model.

Companies must strive to close these gaps and make necessary changes to data governance processes to ensure that they do not continue to occur.

"A data quality assessment will unearth these gaps and is an argument for why continual assessment and monitoring is so important," Mr Jones noted.

"The business model will evolve in the future and the data model always lags behind, leaving defective data in its wake."

IT Business Edge blog recently claimed that the weight of data now stored by many companies was becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Posted by Richard Jones