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Data quality, mobile optimization big factors in email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Years ago, simply adopting an email address verification solution that could maintain a company's contact lists for campaigns was enough to help response rates. Now however, with the proliferation of smartphones, many consumers are reading emails on smaller screens.

Businesses using email marketing as part of their advertising strategies have to make sure their messages are tailored for smartphones as a result, Wikus Engelbrecht claims in a piece for BizCommunity.

"Marketers can safely assume that a significant portion of their emails are being read on mobile phones," Engelbrecht says. "So therefore optimizing emails for cross-platform performance is a large but necessary labor." Mobile carries the highest penetration rate among audiences worldwide, he notes. So it makes sense to take the extra step to not only ensure data quality, but to make sure that if recipients choose to open emails on their phones, the content is easy to read and act upon.

Engelbrecht advises keeping the email design and relevant details simple in order to optimize them for smartphone use. Quickly bring up the main points so the reader can get all of the necessary information even if he or she is on the go. Additionally, avoid too many images, as these can take a long time to load.