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Data quality must fit, modify companies

Rachel Wheeler Archive
According to Business Daily contributor William Makatiani, adding new data quality at a company involves identifying practices that match the organization's existing culture and overarching objectives. Once the plan is in place, however, the roles are reversed. The company must alter its own practices to make sure its information is top quality.

Makatiani suggested that the leader of any such effort should be willing to work with others. This person should be able to communicate throughout different departments and win the confidence of the company's stakeholders. Makatiani emphasized that leaders should work hard to demonstrate that data quality is a permanent consideration.

He also noted that companies should not approach quality improvement with a casual mindset. Instead of something that firms do and then forget about, it is an area that requires a concerted effort. The result, however, can overshadow any concerns about investment.

CIO contributor Andy Hayler offered that businesses often avoid data quality projects because there are other areas that are more exciting. He also gave examples, however, of projects that have failed due to poor information, including an exploration spacecraft that could not complete its mission to Mars because its creators had confused inches and centimeters.