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Data quality 'must improve' to help govt analytics

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New research has suggested that use of analytics is helping federal agencies to be more efficient, but more work needs to be done regarding data quality.

The study from Deloitte used a poll from focus groups which included federal executives and information managers, and found that 70 per cent of federal government managers feel data collection is becoming more important, in light of the need to make fiscal cuts.

Despite this, 58 per cent also claimed that using the gathered data is challenging due to a lack of quality.

With 45 per cent of those surveyed using predictive analysis, less than a third regularly check the quality of the info.

However, Brad Eskind, federal tech and analytics leader at Deloitte, is advising agencies to persist in use of these tools, adding: "Analytics can help agencies extract real value out of their existing data and can reveal under-performing programs, fraud, waste, and abuse."

Poor data quality costs the US economy around $3.1 trillion a year, according to a study from Artemis Ventures.

Posted by Paul Newton