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Data quality must remain accurate and current

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies must make sure that information and data is up-to-date, it has been claimed.

Writing for Data Quality Pro, Arkady Maydanchik of the eLearning Curve stated that information is the most valuable resource possessed in business and as such it is important to ensure data quality is accurate.

Mr Maydanchik highlighted the need for companies to gain access to more data than ever before and stressed the importance of monitoring it so that it remained correct.

He writes: "In the world where scores of systems exchange huge volumes of data at breakneck speed, it is unwise to completely relegate data quality management to the source systems.

"We do not want just any data, but rather we need high-quality data."

According to Experian QAS' Joel Curry, the majority of businesses can take a step-by-step approach to improving their data quality.

He recommended companies verified information before entering it into databases, appointed more than one data quality manager and implemented database check-ups regularly.