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Data quality needed before upgrades are introduced

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In order for an organization to implement a successful business intelligence center it must first ensure that effective data quality measures are in place, it has been suggested.

Speaking to IT Business Edge, expert Desmond Mullarkey has claimed that data quality should be a major concern before any improvements to systems are made.

In addition, Mr Mullarkey said that other factors need to be considered, such as the availability of training programmes and high-quality infrastructure.

"There are technical processes here, in terms of data extraction, data staging and data quality, that have to be clear across the organization," he told the news provider.

"Also within the dimension are human processes; you have to train people and create confidence in the applications and the technology."

A recent blog article for e-Marketing Solutions claimed that bad data stored on companies' systems could interfere with relationship-building measures between businesses and their customers.

The report explained that up-to-date and correct data was vital to efficiently and effectively reach customers and would also play a significant role in increasing revenues.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler