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Data quality needs to be assessed in light of new media

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The internet and social networking are influencing the way in which data quality needs to be assessed, it has been claimed.

According to Manila Austin and Julie Wittes Schlack, it is important for researchers to extract information from the right people when conducting market research.

The pair were speaking after they published a new Communispace paper, which looked at changes that needed to be adopted by professionals and businesses to keep up with the modern new media age.

It stated: "The online era challenges many of our assumptions about data quality … and it represents a significant change in how we think and go about our work."

"As an industry - and to varying degrees as individuals - we are being nudged, or shoved, out of our comfort zone."

Earlier this year, Smart Data Collective suggested that data quality problems remain a major issue for a number of US organizations, despite the area being a focal point for development and improvement.

A lack of guidelines which could allow data practitioners to measure losses caused by inadequate information is hampering development, the article noted.

Posted by Paul Newman