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Data Quality Pro to launch conference

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online resource and news vehicle Data Quality Pro is to hold a conference in the second quarter of 2010.

The site said that it hoped that the online aspect of this conference would not only make it more affordable by removing venue and travel costs, but would make it more time-efficient as pre-recorded speeches can be viewed at any time from its database.

It was remarked that the DQ Directors conference will "offer a global platform to delegates" with its globally accessible style.

More presentations than in an offline event will also be possible as pre-recorded speeches can be saved and streamed onto viewers' desktops.

This also means that larger audiences will be reached than through traditional conferences and that presentations can be made to perfection through the use of screen capture technology, high-quality audio and the all-important opportunity for multiple takes.

This week, Data Quality Pro presented an interview with industry expert Mark Eaton, who outlined several methods for ensuring the progression of a data quality implementation project.

One such method was to be prepared for crises of confidence during what he called the "noise of implementation", as preparing for these incidents might easily stop the cancellation of a project.