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Data quality problems plague business intelligence

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A recent report from TechTarget uncovered a problem for business intelligence reporting. Companies have begun to integrate data from various sources to form complex new business intelligence projects. These efforts, however, can be undermined if data quality is lacking.

"...I still spend days talking to organizations that are not getting the usage and trust and acceptance and value out of their BI efforts because the quality of the data is not good enough, and they haven’t done the right things to fix that," analyst Tom Friedman told the source.

The problem, according to Friedman, often occurs early in the BI integration process, with companies' data warehouses going untended. Tech insider James Kobielus agreed, telling the source that companies assume that there is no need to clean or alter data during its transition from collection applications to the data warehouses. He also stated that companies sometimes do not attempt to merge records.

Making sure business intelligence has the best data available is especially important as the processes spread throughout entire organizations. Computerworld recently reported that analytics processes are handling increasingly diverse tasks, including detecting at-risk students and monitoring medical conditions.