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Data quality process needs allies

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Making sure data quality is an organizational priority is a vital step for any company with large information reserves. According to IT Business Edge contributor Daniel Teachey, however, it can be hard to convince the right people that it is important. He suggested recruiting allies from other departments within the organization when pitching changes to existing quality procedures.

Teachey stated that it should be easy when developing a new data quality project to determine which departments have the most to gain from it. He recommended reaching out to the heads of those sections for assistance when trying to explain the lasting effects of new data quality tools or tactics.

Having a full-scale team backing a quality effort, in Teachey's opinion, ensures that quality standards are held to for a significant amount of time rather than quickly discarded once they become difficult to enforce. He explained that employee turnover is frequent, meaning if the only person spearheading a project leaves, it could be in jeopardy.

The actual pitch used to sell data quality efforts is important to develop. According to IT News Africa contributor Gary Allemann, the presentation should focus on the hard and fast business benefits of high data quality rather than technical details of how to achieve it.