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Data quality projects should start with the right tools

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations looking to improve their data quality should ensure that they invest in the right tools, it has been suggested.

Writing on his OCDQ blog, industry commentator Jim Harris has highlighted the importance of technology to ensuring data quality.

However, the expert added that it is people within a business who will really affect the overall success of a project.

"Data quality magic comes from data quality magicians - the People working on data quality initiatives, people who are united by trust and collaboration, guided by an adaptive methodology, and of course, enabled by advanced technology," he explained.

Earlier this month, Mr Harris used his OCDQ blog to explain the importance being able to adapt to different circumstances has on data quality projects.

He claimed that data quality should be viewed as a "best practice", rather than a one-off act and as such needs to change and adapt alongside a business.

Posted by Paul Newman