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Data quality remains a worry for US businesses

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality is a major concern for a large percentage of US-based marketers, a new study suggests.

According to figures released by CSO Insights, only eight per cent of organizations believe that their prospect data is 90 per cent accurate.

As an attempt to rectify this problem, 47 per cent of companies say that they are looking to increase their investment and spend on database management in the future.

The news comes after CSO Insights revealed that over three quarters of businesses are looking to increase their marketing budgets for the remainder of 2010, with many considering customer acquisition to be their primary objective.

In 2009, 67 per cent of surveyed companies said they froze or reduced their marketing spend, but in 2010 that level has fallen to 27.5 per cent, the survey shows.

Writing for his OCQD blog, data quality expert Jim Harris claimed that organizations need to ensure that the information which they store on their systems can contribute to the success of their business.

Posted by Richard Jones