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Data quality 'still vital to direct marketing'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Research and data quality should be a vital consideration for any business seeking to launch a successful marketing campaign, an expert has advised.

Deb Campbell, vice-president of consulting services at Clario Analytics, said the core considerations of database marketing have changed little over the years.

Despite the "multitude of channels" now available to advertisers, she suggested that gathering and keeping the best data on their customers is still vital.

This allows business to identify their customers' needs and wants and track changing trends within the market, as well as targeting new clients of a similar disposition.

"If database marketers apply these best-practice principles, they'll be able to reach out to only the most likely leads, with only the most relevant offers and through the correct channels," Ms Campbell advised.

Her comments come after Robert Keitch, chief of membership and brand at the Direct Marketing Association, said insight and research is critical to direct marketing.

He suggested that gathering data on customers allows companies to "significantly and continuously improve the performance of their campaigns".