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Data quality technology 'now tailored to different needs'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality technology such as address verification software is continuing to evolve for the purposes of business empowerment, a commentator has observed.

Jim Harris of Smart Data Collective noted that there continues to be a progression in the data quality market away from "esoteric technical tools" and towards "business-empowering suites providing robust functionality".

He commented that such technology is increasingly providing businesses with role-based user interfaces which are tailored to the specific needs of different users.

In addition, Mr Harris observed that the application of data quality technology within businesses is continuing to improve thanks to increasingly sophisticated, real-time responses.

"The deployment of data quality functionality within and across organizations also continues to evolve, as data cleansing activities are being complemented by real-time defect prevention services used to greatly minimize poor data quality at the multiple points of origin within the enterprise data ecosystem," he said.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, research by Gartner found that worldwide master data management (MDM) software revenue will reach $1.5 billion in 2010, a 14 per cent increase on last year.

Posted by Richard Jones