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Data quality training leads to 'improved performance'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Training staff about the topic of data quality is likely to lead to improvements in business performance.

According to the results of a recent IDC-commissioned report, organizations that gave their workers 24 hours of formal training on data quality were ahead of their competitors.

This compares to the 16 hours of training on the subject given to companies identified as being in the worst performing category.

Cushing Anderson, program vice-president of project-based services at IDC, said: "This research shows that for master data management, data quality and data integration initiatives, effective training improves performance on significant business metrics."

Indeed, the organization said that those who had received the most data quality-related training were performing key activities associated with data quality 50 to 90 per cent more often than their counterparts.

Data quality could be set to play an even more important role in businesses this year after an article by DM News suggested that companies will have to equip themselves to store an enormous amount of information generated from various sources.

Posted by Richard Jones