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Data quality 'vital' for business improvements

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The importance of data quality to ensure businesses possess accurate enterprise information has been highlighted by one expert.

Writing for IT Business Edge, Loraine Lawson has explained that companies that are looking to benefit from cleaner and more accurate data do not have an easy task ahead of them.

Indeed, the industry commentator stated that there were a number of components which had to be fulfilled in order for organizations to see success.

"It's no big secret among data practitioners that if you want better information, data deduplication, cleansing, quality, governance and, yes, integration are all critical components," she confirmed.

Earlier this month, Information Week reported that companies looking to benefit from business intelligences (BI) are beginning to understand the importance of creating cleaner, more integrated data.

According to a survey by the news provider, data quality problems and integration and compatibility issues were listed among the top three barriers to adopting BI tools across a company.

Posted by Richard Jones