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Data quality vital for 'confident and consistent' business decisions

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations need to ensure that they possess high quality information if they want to make ''confident and consistent'' business decisions.

As such, an increasing number of companies are now paying more attention to implementing schemes which are designed to improve their data quality processes.

This is the view of Ian Huckle, chief executive officer of international consultancy Business and Decision, who believes that the pursuit of good data quality should be viewed by businesses as being of high importance.

"The ability to make confident and consistent decisions is determined by the quality of data on which they are based," he said.

This, Mr Huckle adds, is the reason many businesses are so concerned about ensuring data quality across their various operations.

Indeed, the expert is not the first to suggest that data quality is of the utmost importance.

Writing on his OCDQ blog, Jim Harris warned that simply changing to a new system would not solve underlying problems caused by housing poor data.

Posted by Richard Jones