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Data quality 'vital for education'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The education system needs good data quality in order to improve, it has been noted.

Writing for the Huffington Post, chief executive of the Lumina Foundation Jamie Merisotis explained that there are huge data gaps in place at the moment.

Indeed, only 25 states know the critical indicators that predict whether or not their high school students are prepared to enter college or the workplace.

Furthermore, there is a lack of predictive analytics, with just two states able to say if their teacher preparation programs are producing the strongest teachers based on performance.

Mr Merisotis explained that there are three important ways of improving the data that will improve the system.

He clarified: "Reliable information creates greater transparency and accountability, enabling predictive analysis and continuous improvement.

"Second, data provides benchmarks for allocating dwindling education resources."

He concluded: "Third, a data-rich environment empowers individuals to make informed decisions about education options."